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Belfast 6Pack

Belfast 6Pack

Belfast 6 Pack - Slept With The Devil - Montage Video

Baptized in Whisky

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From smoky bars and backyard BBQ’s to massive concert halls and festivals there isn’t a party that can’t be improved with a little Belfast 6 Pack! A band so deviously dynamic their sound could only be called American Metal. Formed in 2012 with the goal of creating a new and original sound each member brought their own style to the project. Currently armed with the lineup of frontman Brandon Bane, Bassist Justin Hagamon, Drummer Tony Pike and Lead Guitarist Mandy Wilson they instantly impress audiences with their unique sound and raw live performances. Their talent and hard work has seen them sharing the stage with Nonpoint, Stuck Mojo, Psychostick, One-Eyed Doll, SOIL, Bam Margera, Super Bob, Hed PE, Texas Hippie Coalition, Sons of Texas and Steel Panther just to name a few. They’re the go-to band for a killer night of music. With four full albums now under their belt including the most recent ‘A Shot At The Sun’ they have a huge setlist stacked with fan favorites including the singles ‘Slept With The Devil’, ‘Comfort In Madness’, ‘Toxic Bliss’ and ‘American Mari’. Their upcoming single ‘Baptized In Whiskey’ is due out Fall of 2021.



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